Meet Chris

It all started back in my early childhood days playing in my grandfathers basement woodshop with his yankee drill, man was that thing cool! I soon after decided I wanted to build my first treehouse. I would gather wood from our local dump every weekend for the build and anytime I could score some nails it was a good day! In due time I had a two-story treehouse, with a pully operated skylight/hatch which all made for a pretty sweet clubhouse for us local kids.

A decade later during the summer of 98' I started my first job as a laborer/carpenter's apprentice with a close family friend/custom home builder. Under his guidance and mentorship I learned the true meaning of craftsmanship and the fundamentals of timber framing, interior millwork and cabinetry. Jamie always had so much faith in my abilities, even more than I had in my own. He would always take the time to guide me through the steps and let me learn from my mistakes. Years later after I honed my skills a bit, Jamie gave me the opportunity to cut a timber frame garage (under his guidance of course). The day finally came to transport the timbers to the site and start erecting the timber frame bents. Once we had everything erected we checked it for square and by golly it was within an eighth of an inch. Jamie was so proud of me and made sure to give me a "atta boy". Thank you, Jamie, for everything you taught me and for being such a great guy and mentor! 

Over the years I've had many rolls from timber framer to interior finish carpenter to owning a custom wine cellar fabrication shop to owning a custom cabinetry/trade show/retail fixture display shop, along with managing various companies along the way. Today my focus is on my remodeling/design/cabinetry business with a desire to engage with likeminded individuals and businesses who value craftsmanship and a job well done.  

Thank you for taking the time for me to introduce myself. I look forward to speaking with you about your project.  

Your personal craftsman,

Chris O'Neil